Amazon Music Car Mode

The Amazon Music Car Mode in mobile app is designed to make life easier for listeners who are driving. It is clear that in this situation, the ability to read titles, scroll through menus and get into small buttons is dramatically reduced. In car mode, the app interface is simplified as much as possible.

You can try Car Mode for iOS and Android right now. The upper part of the screen in this mode is used to control playback — with large, standard “player” buttons. At the bottom is a list of suggested music that you can scroll through. Do not forget about the voice assistant Alexa. A special button was selected for it in the lower right corner. However, the command “Hey Alexa!” was not canceled.

In principle, in addition to simplified management, car mode will not add anything new to Amazon Music. But the app will be able to switch to Car Mode automatically-when connected via Bluetooth to the car’s audio system.

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