CanEver Audio will equip DACs with universal I²S interfaces for connecting CD transport

CanEver Audio has announced that all of its ZeroUno DACs are now optionally equipped with the Universal I2S interface, which was designed for CD lovers.

The company explained that the idea to create and implement a universal I2S interface arose because there are many audiophiles and music lovers in the world who would like to use different CD transports from third-party manufacturers, without selecting compatible models based on the same proprietary technologies.

CanEver Audio I²S interfaces for connecting CD transport

According to CanEver Audio, some high-end producers “returned” to the I2S format, which was undeservedly forgotten for a while. This type of signal transmission, according to CanEver Audio, is superior in quality to other popular switching technologies like S/PDIF. To date, there is still no single standard for connectors and cables for I2S.

That is why the optional module the Universal I2S-Interface can be the “only solution”. It is worth noting that the Universal I2S-Interface is sharpened to work only with DACs from CanEver. In other words, you won’t be able to buy the interface as a separate device.

CanEver Audio I²S interfaces for connecting CD transport

Depending on the client’s requirements, the company will provide the necessary modification of the interface, which is guaranteed to be compatible with a particular transport or a group of CD transports that use the same or similar I2S technologies.

Depending on the modification, the Universal I2S-Interface built-in DAC can be based on RJ45 and HDMI connectors.

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