Chord 2go Network Module is Roon Ready

Chord Electronics announced that the Chord 2go expansion module has received full Roon certification. The module was introduced earlier this year as an add-on to the Hugo 2 DAC. It adds the Hugo 2 networking player capabilities with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity. Plus, a pair of microSD card slots up to 2TB lets you create your own local music library.

Through the 2yu module, the Chord 2go module can be connected to other Chord models. The GoFigure app has been updated to control Chord 2go. The module works with popular network services, DLNA and AirPlay.

Roon capabilities are not yet available for Chord 2go: firmware update required. Chord has promised to release it soon. It is already known that in some cases, a Roon kernel reboot may be required to update the 2go status.