Chord C-screenX Speaker Cable: Oxygen Free Copper, XLPE and Braided Shielding

Chord has released the C-screenX shielded speaker cable. It is suitable for home theater acoustics, and can also be used in stereo setups.

The novelty has received insulation from cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). This allegedly provided the C-screenX cable with durability (XLPE is stable for about 50 years), resilience to temperature changes, and sufficient flexibility for the challenging trajectories that sometimes require cable routing. The same insulation is used in the older Chord LeylineX and ClearwayX cables.

Chord C-screenX Speaker Cable

C-screenX is a 9 mm round cable. Chord delivers it in cut-up reels. The white color of the jacket, according to the company, will make the cable invisible against the background of white walls and baseboards.

The novelty is equipped with stranded oxygen-free copper conductors in a twisted pair structure. The C-screenX is protected from external interference by a screening braid.

Chord C-screenX Speaker Cable

The Chord C-screenX cable is already available in the UK at £7.50 per meter.