Erzetich Audio announced limited edition Thalia Art Editions headphones

The Slovenian company Erzetich Audio has released Thalia headphones in a limited design. While the original Thalia has octahedral cups in lime, spruce or ebony, the limited edition will be made in walnut. The headphones will be available in several different textures: walnut cups are differently processed or painted in different colors, there is even a version where they look different whether concrete, or metal.

And each model is available only in a single copy, and in total walnut Thalia will come out in a series of 20 pieces. Erzetich Audio wanted to emphasize that the owners will have a truly unique product.

According to the company, the character of the sound has not changed – it is just as rich and accurate, with deep controllable bass, velvety mids and detailed treble. The cups house 40mm drivers, and at just 32 ohms, this open model was recommended for portable sources.

The light weight of just 270 grams fits perfectly with this scenario. A metal headband is a plus to the nut cups, and Thalia sources are connected using a detachable two-meter cable with silver-plated copper conductors.

The unique Thalia Art Series will cost 700 euros per headphone (regular Thalia costs 600 euro).

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