Estelon has updated its Classic Collection lineup to the Mk II version

Estonian acoustic brand Estelon celebrated its 10th anniversary with the release of six updated versions of Classic Collection acoustic systems. These models received the Mk II index. Alfred Vasilkov, the founder and chief designer of Estelon, with 35 years of experience in audio systems, is said to have made design changes to each of the speakers: X Diamond, XB Diamond, XB, XC Diamond, XC, and YB.

All Estelon Classic Collection Mk II models received pure copper internal wiring using US-based Kubala-Sosna cables. Each speaker has updated crossovers with Silver Gold Oil resistors and capacitors from Mundorf.

Estelon Classic Collection Mk II

The older model, the X Diamond, was fitted with a new 25mm Accuton diamond tweeter, enhanced Furutech connectors and new feet: matte black studs or stainless steel flat feet designed by Estelon.

Acoustics Estelon XB Diamond in the Mk II version received drivers in dark gray – the same as the XB model, supplemented by new interchangeable supports. They are also used in XC Diamond systems. In addition, these speakers received an Accuton diamond tweeter. The Estelon YB Mk II speakers will come in a marble-based composite casing borrowed from the older X-series.

Estelon Classic Collection Mk II

Information on how the cost of the updated models of the Estelon Classic Collection has changed is not yet available.