JBL 4349: professional monitors for home

JBL has announced the professional retro monitors for use at home. These are two-way JBL 4349 speakers designed to create Studio-quality sound. For this purpose, they are responsible for the upper frequency range is quite professional compression high-frequency driver JBL D2415K. It consists of 1.5-inch polymer ring diaphragms powered by a high-Definition imaging horn waveguide.

At low and medium frequencies, the 12-inch Pure-pulp speaker comes into play, equipped with a 3-inch long sound coil with two opposing centering washers, which also helps minimize distortion. 4349 Studio Monitor provides both two-wire and two-way connections. Gold-plated acoustic cable terminals are used. There is also an adjustment of the high frequency level on the crossover, which allows you to adjust the sound for specific conditions. All this is mounted in a Cabinet with inch walls, supplemented by a pair of front ports of the phase inverter. Finish-natural or black Matt walnut with blue or black fabric grills.

In addition to the monitors, optional JS-120 stands are offered. It is important that speaker on them can be tilted back to improve source consistency. The appearance of the JBL 4349 monitors on the American market is scheduled for September at a price of $7,500. The JS-120 stands that complement them will cost another $300 per pair.

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