Karan Acoustics Announces Top LINEb Preamp

Serbian company Karan Acoustics has announced the addition of the LINEb preamplifier to its Master Collection series. This is a top model that inherits technology and solutions from the senior LINEa preamp. Karan Acoustics said many of the circuit’s components are custom made to the company’s specifications.

Karan Acoustics LINEb

The pre-amplifier circuit received several completely independent power supplies and a solid battery of power filter capacities. The Karan LINEb features four balanced XLR inputs and a pair of unbalanced RCA inputs. The device has two XLR outputs. On the front panel, the input selector and volume control are symmetrically located using a relay-switched resistance box controlled by a digital circuit.

Karan Acoustics LINEb

Thanks to this solution, a remote control unit in an original round case has been added to the system. Its design matches the body of the LINEb itself, which is assembled from massive aluminum panels in a light matte finish. In addition to the controls, a red digital status indicator of the device is placed on the front panel, complemented by a luminous corporate logo. The same large embossed logo is located on the top panel of the device.

So far, the price and even the timing of the release of the novelty are unknown. Karan Acoustics plans to provide the first LINEb preamplifier samples for testing in October.

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