Kimber Kable released the KS Phono tonearm cables

The Kimber Kable series of tonearm cables – KS Phono – replaced the KS-1216 and KS-1236 models. As with other Kimber Kable products, the abbreviation “KS”stands for “Kimber Select”. The KS Phono series includes models with copper (CU), copper-silver (HB) and pure silver conducting elements (AG). The four 24AWG signal conductors are made of PTFE insulation, the CU version is made of copper, and the HB and AG models are made of silver.

These four conductors in each variant received dense 44AWG silver-plated copper shielding. Copper was chosen for its better ductility – it can be stretched more, resulting in 95% shield density while maintaining cable flexibility. CU and HB cables are earthed with eight 24AWG pure copper braid wires attached to the shield with silver foil and silver solder. They are terminated with flat terminals for connection to a turntable. KS Phono-AG cables have taps made using eight 24AWG pure silver wires.

Kimber KS Phono cables are available with a variety of connection options. These can be WBT 0102Cu connectors for KS Phono-CU and WBT 0102Ag for HB and AG models. Available with traditional straight DIN or 90° SME plugs. Cables are handcrafted at Kimber’s Utah factory. They are complemented by hardwood fittings in Purpleheart, Bloodwood and Ebony colors depending on model. UK 0.75m cables start at £ 2,400 for KS Phono-CU equipped with WBT 0102Cu to £ 7,650 for KS Phono-AG cables with WBT 0102Ag.

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