Vincent KHV-200 Headphone Amplifier

Supports headphones with impedance from 16 to 600 ohms without quality changes

We recently talked about a new Vincent DAC-1MK from a German manufacturer, and now the company has released a good addition to your DAC – hybrid headphone amplifier Vincent KHV-200. The strength of the new product is its adaptability to the impedance of the headphones, which can differ tenfold from different modern models. This was achieved precisely due to the hybrid design.

The circuit design of the KHV-200 was developed by Frank Blöhbau. At Vincent, he specializes in hybrid, tube-semiconductor amplifiers. His authorship belongs to such well-known models as the SV-237MK, SV-737 or SA-T7.

Vincent KHV-200

Two low-noise E180F pentodes, supplemented by a double ECC82 triode, operate at the KHV-200 input. The device receives and outputs line signals via RCA connectors, with AUX and CD inputs, an adjustable pre-out, and a recording output.

The headphones can be connected to the front 6.3 mm output or to the 4-pin XLR, which is placed on the back panel. There is also a gain switch that allows you to reduce the gain level by 8 Db. The novelty is released in a metal case of silver or black color.

Vincent KHV-200

In Europe, the Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier will cost 1,000 euros.

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