The TRPTK label released 22 albums in 32-bit floating-point DXD

Dutch record label TRPTK, working with Brendon Heinst’s optimized omnidirectional microphone array (OOA) technology, has introduced the 32-bit floating point DXD music format.

According to TRPTK employees, this version of digital audio has lower noise, less distortion and virtually no digital artifacts. If we take into account that TRPTK captures all its recordings in the original bitrate of 32 bit/352.8 kHz, then in comparison with the CD standard described in the famous Red Book, the listener can ultimately count on a 16-fold increase in resolution. Bit DXD floating point, it is noted that it has achieved, potentially, an unimaginable dynamic range of 1,528 dB. The format also ensures that no clipping or distortion occurs at the output of the converter.

And the process will be native – without additional conversions. As a result, the proposed 32-bit DXD floating point TRPTK, it is claimed, is able to make digital sound much more analog. It is important that you can try it now. 22 albums of jazz and classics are already available on TRPTK website in 32-bit DXD with floating point. The cost of downloading one album was 15 euro.

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