Klimax DSM – new flagship streamer from LINN

Scottish company LINN today unveiled a new generation of the flagship network player, the Klimax DSM, combining extreme engineering and reference sound quality. The new Klimax DSM was actually redesigned and received not only a stylish new case, but also the new Organik DAC entirely developed by LINN.

LINN Managing Director Gilad Tiefenbrun commented: “The new Klimax DSM is the embodiment of LINN’s passion for music. It comes very close to the ideal of streaming audio. The company’s engineers have approached every aspect of the streamer with particular care to ensure that the component performs at its best in every way. Since the launch of the Klimax DS in 2007, LINN has invested heavily in talent and manufacturing facilities, and the new Klimax DSM is a worthy result of these efforts. The Organik DAC used here is a proprietary LINN design that gives the next generation Klimax DSM a natural and natural sound. Combined with stunning design and precision machined body parts, this is the epitome of extreme engineering”.


DAC Organik – animate the digital

The DAC Organik, designed and manufactured entirely in-house by LINN, is the culmination of five decades of audio innovation and thirty years of digital experience. It combines the use of programmable logic integrated Circuits (FPGAs) with a discrete conversion stage, enabling LINN to fully control and optimize the digital-to-analog conversion process.

The FPGA implements specially designed algorithms to provide digital stream resampling, more precise volume control, and distortion-free modulation. The discrete conversion stage generates an extremely low-distortion analog signal thanks to a new generator with extremely low jitter and high clock stability.


The DAC Organik is characterized by significantly lower noise and distortion levels than any similar developments in the history of LINN. It allows you to achieve the most accurate reproduction of the original musical signal, revealing even more minute details and providing a closer emotional connection with the music. Thanks to the use of the DAC Organik, the Klimax DSM sets a new level of streaming music playback.

Extreme engineering

The case of the LINN Klimax DSM network player is made of durable aluminum of special quality with the strictest tolerances, providing not only the acoustic properties necessary for a component of such a high level, but also a stylish appearance.


The substantial weight of the component, combined with careful internal damping, provides reliable vibration isolation, and the internal partitions reliably shield the analog and digital parts of the circuit and the power supply, completely protecting the electronics from any interference – both external and internal.

Extensive switching capabilities for the best sound quality

The exceptional performance of the Klimax DSM with the new Organik DAC, including support for digital PCM streams up to 24-bit / 384 kHz and DSD up to DSD256, will breathe new life into any digital and analog sources on your system. The proprietary Exakt Link port will provide the best connection quality for the legendary LINN Sondek LP12 player with the Urika II module, and the USB-B port will allow you to use your desktop computer or laptop as a digital transport.


In LINN Klimax DSM, the ability to integrate into a home computer network via Wi-Fi, as well as live broadcast of music from mobile gadgets via Bluetooth is implemented. In addition, the AV player is equipped with four inputs and one HDMI output with support for the eARC reverse channel. Analog switching includes two unbalanced and one balanced input, as well as balanced on XLR connectors and unbalanced on RCA output.


Complete set

The LINN Klimax DSM network player is available in two configurations – the Klimax DSM (Audio) is designed for those who want to connect only music sources, and the Klimax DSM (AV), equipped with HDMI switching, can be seamlessly integrated into a home theater system. In the UK, both versions of the player are offered at the same price of 27,500 pounds. In addition, LINN offers owners of previous generations of streamers Klimax DS, Klimax DSM or Klimax System HUB special upgrade conditions for the new version. For more information, please contact your local LINN dealer.


The presentation of the new generation of the LINN Klimax DSM network player can be viewed here.

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