Markaudio CHR-90: Universal Full Range Driver

Hong Kong speaker manufacturer Markaudio has released a 5.25-inch wideband CHR-90. According to the manufacturer, Mark Fenlon, founder and chief consultant of Markaudio, has created a “truly versatile speaker.”

Above all, the CHR-90, which has been redesigned from the ground up with a movable system, is ready to act as a classic full-range speaker, sounding as close as possible to a point source. As stated, with an impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of more than 89 dB, the novelty is quite capable of swinging a tube amplifier.

Markaudio CHR-90

On the other hand, the declared power rating will allow the CHR-90 to operate from more powerful semiconductor devices. In this case, it is proposed to supplement the CHR-90 with a bass driver, or even use it as a midrange in 3-way speakers. The speaker itself operates in the 44 Hz to 28 kHz range.

During the development of the CHR-90, elements and technologies of the more expensive Alpair 10 driver were used, which is already being released in the third iteration. At the same time, according to the developers, the novelty in many respects did not yield to the prototype. The diffuser CHR-90, like the older model, can have a silver or gold surface.

The CHR-90 retail price in the UK is £100 a pair.

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