Realist half-kilowatt horn active stereo set presented on Kickstarter

Konstantin Plotnikov of Audiology Sound based in Mülheim, Germany, after several years of development, created the Realist active stereo kit. These are horn systems in 130 cm high rectangular cabinets that are compact for their class. Each of them has a pair of 10 “woofers, a 4” midrange and an inch tweeter. The horn design was received by the midrange placed inside the case. The declared sensitivity of the system is 92 dB at 1 W / 1 m. The kit will receive a built-in 500 W amplifier with DSP.

Realist half-kilowatt horn active stereo

Describing the Realist, Plotnikov emphasizes that the sound of these speakers is shaped in the same way as in musical instruments, in accordance with centuries of proven principles. The enclosures of the acoustics can be made of various types of wood with the texture of various shades.

Realist active stereo set production project presented on Kickstarter. 34 days before the end of the all-or-nothing project, Realist received $ 2 of the $ 35,843 required to get started. If the project is successful, it will be possible to become the owner of the Realist kit by investing 8 350 euros.