Wadax Atlantis Transport: THOR 1.3 drive, Wadax Link and vibration meter

The Spanish company Wadax has developed the Atlantis Transport laser disc playback system. The novelty “understands” CDs, SACDs, DVD-Audio and Blu-Ray pure Audio. Like the Atlantis Reference DAC, the new product weighs the same 100 kg. The models complement each other: they can be interoperable via the Wadax Link interface using a dual Ethernet cable.

For Atlantis Transport, Wadax created the THOR 1.3 drive. According to the company, it took a year and a half of development using FEA (finite element analysis). The novelty has received a motorized (with two motors) top vertical disc loading. Powering the drive required a two-transformer system. It implements the concept of continuous AC control to optimize power and minimize noise.

Wadax Atlantis Transport

Atlantis Transport has a total of 10 printed circuit boards and five motors. All these are controlled by the processor, which receives information from several sensors. For example, Atlantis Transport measures vibration levels. This data is displayed on the indicator so that the user can correctly install and configure his system.

Wadax Atlantis Transport

The novelty also supports the SACD RIP function, when the contents of the disk are copied to a USB flash drive. However, according to Wadax, this feature is intended for research purposes and is not available as standard. To enable it, you must enter a special service code.

Wadax Atlantis Transport

Like other models of the brand, Atlantis Transport received a modular design with the possibility of hardware upgrades. Software updates are also provided – and for this, Wadax has its own cloud storage. However, all Atlantis products must remain connected to the Internet during operation. According to Wadax, this is the only way to provide these systems with a reference level of service.

The company has not yet announced the cost of the novelty.